How to register for Slack with Tutors4Ukraine [ENG]

How to register for Slack with Tutors4Ukraine [ENG]


One of the first steps that we ask our new members to complete is joining our Slack community. However, if you never used Slack before it can be unclear how to get started. This is why we wrote this blog post which will turn you into a Slack expert in about 10 minutes - give or take.

Why Slack?

Before we jump into the details let’s address the elephant in the room - why even bother with Slack instead of the good old email? The short answer is that it makes communication simpler. The long answer - with it you can directly talk with your student, our team, and our whole community of tutors and students in a matter of a few clicks. It will save your time, your student’s time, and our team’s time which will allow all of us to focus on what is important - helping Ukrainians in need. By the way, Tutors4Ukraine is not the only team using Slack - it is widely used by large corporations such as IBM and Amazon and thousands of smaller teams.

How to sign up to Slack?

Once you successfully submit the form on our website and pass the introductory interview, you will receive an email from us with the link to join Slack.

Once you click the link it will take you to the Slack signup page that looks like the one below. Here you can choose how you want to log into Slack in the future - with your Google account, Apple account, or email.

You can choose the one you prefer but we recommend to select “Continue with Email”. Some users reported that “Continue with Google” can result in an error and may require to start the Slack registration process again.

After clicking “Continue with Email” you should fill out the fields with your preferred email (it doesn’t have to be your work email) and your name. We recommend using the same email that you used when filling out the form on our website. Additionally, we ask you to use your full name when registering to prevent multiple users with the same name.

Once you click Continue you will need to paste a 6-digit code into the next field. This code will be emailed to the address that you specified. Remember to check your spam folder!

Once you paste the code your account is created and Slack will load. It may suggest to open or download its application but you can ignore it and just click “use Slack in your browser”.

Slack will load its greeting screen. Click “Let’s do it!”

The next screen will ask you to add teammates. Just skip it by clicking “I’ll do it later” at the bottom.

Now Slack will show some tips. Read them and just click “Next” to close them.

Now you are ready to use Slack!

How do I use Slack?

You can use Slack in the same way you use WhatsApp or Telegram.

See the image below for the tips on the interface. Alternatively, you can watch the video below for a quick introduction to Slack.

Don’t forget to check what Slackbot has to say! He gives useful tips on how to get started - just click the button “Done! | Готово!” when you completed the relevant step.

What are the next steps?

Now that you are part of our community, we will match you with your student. In most cases, it takes us 2-7 days to find you a match. Once we do it, we will message you and your student on Slack. From there, you will be able to chat with them directly and find the time that works best for both of you.