Connecting Ukrainian refugees with volunteer language tutors

Help Ukrainian refugees be productive in the world economy, stand firmly on their own two feet, and support themselves - and Ukraine

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What we do

Matching refugees 1 on 1
with language tutors

We are connecting Ukrainian refugees with volunteer language tutors for free 1 on 1 online lessons

English Speaking Club

We have weekly English Speaking Club group sessions for beginner, intermediate and advanced levels

IELTS/TOEF preparation sessions

We have IELTS/TOEFL general information sessions as well as preparation sessions weekly

Buy studying math from a tutor via a computer

Self study plan for English

We’re happy to offer free 1:1 expert consultations for our students to:
-  set goals in learning English
- recommend resources for different purposes
- tailor the most suitable strategy for the language learning process

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Our mission

Our mission is to help Ukrainian refugees adapt to the new environment abroad, become productive, and be able to support themselves and Ukraine. We strongly believe that the world will benefit from Ukrainians being well-educated and well-integrated in the countries that welcomed them and in the world economy overall.

To achieve this goal we start with the very basics - teaching Ukrainian refugees the world languages by connecting them with volunteer language tutors.


Tutors joined

Tutors from all over the world are signing up and already offering to teach 10+ different languages


Students signed up

Ukrainian refugees aged from 18 to 68 from 12 different host countries signed up to receive help in learning foreign languages


Successful lessons

Our team is working hard to create the best matches and ensure both tutor and student are happy and are working towards their common goal

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Our partners

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UkraineNow is a global decentralized effort to help Ukrainians deal with the humanitarian crisis and consequences of the brutal invasion of the Russian Federation.
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PrepyourLesson is the marketplace for language tutors to share and trade their lesson materials.